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Quality is key

FRENCHIES has made a point of making each bakery product 100% artisanally!

This means that each product passes through the hands of one of our craftsmen and that it depends in large part on human know-how.

And yes, because being made on a basis of "natural leaven", it is these natural yeasts which allow the bread to "swell" and which are alive during all the preparation of the bread. And just like our artisans, these yeasts have their moods! Whether it's sunny or raining , they are not active in the same way.

All this to tell you that FRENCHIES is a state of mind, it is a way of working of which you must be fully aware when entering the door. Because yes, we will do everything, but really everything, so that your product is the best and made with good raw materials.



Handmade. Daily.

FRENCHIES: A nickname for French people living abroad embracing cultures and building a new community.


FRENCHIES has adapted this mindset by bringing creativity into our products, where we are influenced and inspired by cultures and people. 

We love the early mornings with the crispiness of the bread being baked fresh every day, the coffee beans being ground just before brewing.

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