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Breakfast & Lunch Boxes

Mornings & Lunches can be a rush, we bring you and your team the the motivation, team moral and productivity for the day in our delicious Frenchies boxes.

Delicious viennoiseries , croissants, pains au chocolat, toasties, salads... with a team sized coffee of our freshly roasted speciality coffee beans. The smell of the croissants and a few cups of coffee will be just what your team needs to get going for the day. 

Get in touch, and we will send you the Breakfast &/or Lunch Box in time for your next meeting.


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Gift a box to your new clients, or partners.

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Coffee Box

Coffee lovers, coffee roasters, bakers and crafters...that’s FRENCHIES.


We put our passion into sourcing sustainable & premium coffee beans from various coffee farmers all around the world.Savoir faire?


At FRENCHIES, we get it. For us, it means extracting the most delicious notes & aromas, giving you a crafted coffee experience for you to sip & enjoy. We roast, brew and taste coffee, always pushing for the perfect blend. And the best part? We are having a lot of fun doing it.FRENCHIES. Handmade. Daily.

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